Friday, May 16, 2014

Eli's super powers

Eli has become obsessed with superheroes.  He was pooperman for a while but is now insisting on being called superman (whew!)  He has been coming up with all kinds of things that have super powers, sticks, socks, rocks, toys, etc.  His favorite though is when his hands have super powers.  This morning all the kids were piled on Appa and someone tooted.  We asked who pahngooed (fart in Korean - now you know) and Eli extended his hands toward Nathan and said "PAHNGOO POWERS"!  Needless to say, we started cracking up so he may be saying this for a while!  :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


It's been a long time since I posted.  Yikes!  Well, we've had a great several months!  We are pretty settled into our house and loving, and at times hating, home ownership.  It is nice to know that we aren't going to me moving in a few months though.  Considering that this was usually the time in our lease that we would be talking about where we want to live next.  The kids are taking swim lessons and/or gymnastics depending on the month and we are meeting a lot of new friends in our town.  Nathan's work is going well, he's now a partner at his firm!  It's kinda stressful because it's a start up company but also really exciting.  I'm still working on improving my photography and coming up with a lot of random projects thanks to Pinterest.  It's really nice to meet so many other moms in town who are taking a break from working to take care of their kids.  Ok, that felt like a holiday update letter.  My bad.  Here's a few pictures and there are a lot more on flickr:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More pictures

Check it out!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where do babies come from?

So Noah kept asking this, over and over and over again.  I remembered a line from a movie (probably a horrible one) where they said something to the effect of "mommy and daddy wanted a baby so much that they closed their eyes really hard and made a wish."  Since under 4 seems a bit early for The Talk, I opted for this PG version.  That led to this conversation today:

Noah: I have 3 robot babies in my tummy
Ava: Real or pretend?
Noah:  Real.  Because I closed my eyes really hard
Ava: And made a wish!  How are the robots coming out of your tummy?
Noah: Well, the Dr will cut a hole in my tummy and take them out.

Side note, I got tired of my kids referring to c-sections as the only way to get babies out of tummies so one day I told them where they are supposed to come out of.  Ava's response: Mommy you're silly!  That's gross!  That's where pee comes from, not babies!

I am at a complete and total loss.  I thought we had a lot longer before we had to deal with these things!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ava the hero

Since the boys both got recent posts, I wanted to do one for Ava too!  She is an amazing big sister.  I was dealing with some burning food in the kitchen and heard her open the gate.  I was yelling at her to stay out of the kitchen but she started yelling at me.  I told her to stay out and she yelled again.  When she came to check on me, Eli got out of the gate and walked out the open door.  Ava continued to yell until she got my attention to tell me that Eli was at the stairs!  We live on in a second floor apartment with concrete steps so thank goodness she had the strength to make sure I heard her!  She is amazing in general but that moment made me realize how grateful I am for her tenacity!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Eli's Milestones

I keep meaning to write down what he can say so I figure if I do it here, at least I won't forget!  As of right now, Eli can say:

Oh no!  (my favorite)
Dog & doggie
Aya (Ava)
Na (Noah)
Tht (That)
Nana (banana)
Boh Boh (kiss in Korean)
Woof, Woof!
Signs please, more, all-done & anyoung (the bow in Korean)

He is walking, running, climbing and falling... a lot!  He can get on the couch and chairs without help which is just super.  He pretty much thinks he can do whatever the big kids can do!

He has 4 full teeth and 4 more that have just come through.  That is not his most enjoyable activity!  He loves nodding his head & shaking it.

He loves, loves, loves books.  And has been a little snugly lately - even if I'm holding something or someone else, he makes it clear that I should be holding him!  :)  He is a fun kiddo.


Currently, Noah wants to be an astronaut.  Uncle T'Errance gave us a NASA calendar so we were talking about the months when Noah got sidetracked by the pictures of the rover on Mars.  I was explaining about how engineers and astronauts worked together to make a robot that goes into outerspace.  I can only assume he thought I said "our"space because he then said when he grows up, he's going to be an astronaut and go into "myspace."  You're about 10 years too late for myspace buddy!  :)