Friday, June 28, 2013

Eli's Milestones

I keep meaning to write down what he can say so I figure if I do it here, at least I won't forget!  As of right now, Eli can say:

Oh no!  (my favorite)
Dog & doggie
Aya (Ava)
Na (Noah)
Tht (That)
Nana (banana)
Boh Boh (kiss in Korean)
Woof, Woof!
Signs please, more, all-done & anyoung (the bow in Korean)

He is walking, running, climbing and falling... a lot!  He can get on the couch and chairs without help which is just super.  He pretty much thinks he can do whatever the big kids can do!

He has 4 full teeth and 4 more that have just come through.  That is not his most enjoyable activity!  He loves nodding his head & shaking it.

He loves, loves, loves books.  And has been a little snugly lately - even if I'm holding something or someone else, he makes it clear that I should be holding him!  :)  He is a fun kiddo.


Currently, Noah wants to be an astronaut.  Uncle T'Errance gave us a NASA calendar so we were talking about the months when Noah got sidetracked by the pictures of the rover on Mars.  I was explaining about how engineers and astronauts worked together to make a robot that goes into outerspace.  I can only assume he thought I said "our"space because he then said when he grows up, he's going to be an astronaut and go into "myspace."  You're about 10 years too late for myspace buddy!  :)