Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Adventures

Since we got married in August 2003, we have encountered many unexpected adventures. Some we signed ourselves up for and others we have had no control over. No matter how they came to us, these adventures have always changed us and the way we see the world.

We've been in New York for 6 years at the end of February. We NEVER anticipated staying this long but as it turns out, the city isn't done with us yet. Rest assured, as soon as it's possible, we will be on the first flight back to Colorado, but for right now, we moved to Queens to get some more space for us and our family.

One of the reasons for this move, aside from needing more space for our growing monsters - I mean children - is that we are expecting our 3rd in May! It was quite a surprise for us but we are excited and Noah and Ava are excited for the baby in my tummy!

Me & "spud" at 23 weeks