Monday, July 2, 2012

Kid say the darndest things!

They really do! I've tried to keep track of some of the funnier ones.

Ava: "Croutons are dirty"
Mommy: "No, croutons aren't dirty"
Ava: "Croutons have crumbs. Crumbs are dirty."
Mommy: "My bad, Ava, my bad."

Ava: "We saw a quirrel (squirrel) today."
What was he doing?
"He was putting away groceries." [He was, in fact, looking for nuts]

Mommy: "Noah, let me see your eyeballs."
Noah (while mommy is looking at his eyeballs): "Mommy, those aren't my eyeballs. Eyeballs are by my penis."

Mommy to Eli: "Why are you so cute???"
Noah: "because he looks like me" (matter of factly)

Mommy: "Where are all the burp cloths? Why do I keep loosing them? This is a silly problem to have."
Ava: "It's like they (the burpcloths) have legs."

Also, Noah's artistic skills have grown leaps and bounds in the last few months. In April, he was scribbling all over the coloring book pages with no real "focus." Last month he started coloring with focus. Last week he was drawing ovals and calling them "fishies" and random circles all over the page for eyes or nipples (yup, nipples). Today he showed me his drawing of two robots and Spiderman. Maybe it's just my own, biased, opinion but I think it's amazing!!!


  1. Haha! The eyeballs one is my favorite. :) Avery has started drawing circles, too! Isn't it so cool what they all of a sudden start doing?

  2. Such great quotes! Kids do say the darnest things!