Friday, March 23, 2012

The "new house'

We moved 6 weeks ago to an apartment in Astoria (Queens). It's about 35 minutes door to door from Nathan's work and he doesn't have to transfer trains. We have a lot more space and the neighborhood is much quieter so I'm able to take the kids out and let them walk next to the stroller. We also have a back patio area which is great when my energy level is too low to get them out for a walk.

But apparently they are used to small spaces because they did this to themselves while we were moving in:

February 03 2012 (2)

February 06 2012 (1)

Fortunately we had lots of friends and family help us with the move. My dad and Uncle T'Errance were the only ones that we thought to take pictures with but everyone who helped was a lifesaver!

February 05 2012 (20)

February 10 2012 (40)

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